At the age of 3 years old, Spirit communicated with me. I later found out it was my Spirit Guide. This happens to many children.

My parents thought I was lonely and being like an only child had this imaginary friend, who I used to talk too.

I used to see things that I couldn’t explain and knew things, no one believed me, so like most children kept things to myself.

As childhood innocence left and more awareness crept in my clairvoyance and spirit link was put on hold.  My Spiritual pathway was put on hold, to live my material, earthly life.

When I became a mother my son described Spirit and felt uneasy in his own bedroom. I chatted to a close neighbour who knew what I was talking about and  said she could feel the presence too. She told me about Spirit people and suggested I see a recommended local Medium. The Medium I had a sitting gave me a 99% accurate sitting, which gave me food for thought, as this lady had never met me before, she knew most of my life. The man my eldest son saw was my Grandad .

Lucky for me my neighbour understood and didn’t think I was mad!

15 years on..... Pregnant with my second son, I went with a friend to Spiritualist Church for the Sunday Service.

I became a member, I also joined the meditation group and closed circle for 2 years.

I became a fledgling at the Church and practiced my Mediumship on friends to strengthen Spirit links.

I trained for a few years to become a SNU Approved Spiritual Healer. I currently sit in a trance and psychical circle with my Medium friends.

I am now a working Medium serving other Centres for a service of clairvoyance and worship. and one-one sittings at home.